HoRRorkatze macht Terror another form of OUT - Praxa.

Its acting subject is HoRRorKatze.

HoRRorkatze macht Terror (horror-cat making terror) is a concentrated action that takes place in the so-called public space.

HoRRorKatze is spreading terror that is directed against all sorts of polygonal (repetitive) action (see Polygonal Theory), against the subjects of this acting and against their organisation (managementism).

Friendly Horror

With the help of Friendly Horror it intentionally interrupts polygonal practice. Unsureness and confusion dominate the scene.

The Horrible Cat enjoys in the conflict and is catching in this moment a short glimpse of the game, to which it ows its existence.

HoRRorkatze and its sweet fellows terrorize their surrounding on two levels: they involve verbally into discussion and they move in space with bodily penetrance.

Proud Heroines of Remote Control


Congress of International Künstler Gremium (IKG),August 2003, Museum of 25th May, Belgrade

On the congress of IKG in Belgrade the Ugly Fawn is covering the formal part of communication-terminology without effort.

Milomir, endless spring of cheerfulness, is fundamentally criticizing with bright friendliness and doubts the legitimacy of every however formulated assertion within the discussion.

Niemann I receives without question

the offered Art-installations.


Research-project about cultural production and money, September 2003, meinebank, Berlin


The informal-integrative style of discussion at the project Crashcourse required Kessi as emitter of immunity against integrative strategies.

Only silence could cause conflict in this round.

In the discussion about "the way how we are part of productive cycles" HoRRorkatZe proposes to erase the terms money, economy, product and market and to finish the circulating discours.

HoRRorKatze is an affirmated subject, that exists beyond the social projection (Realconsensus).


affirmated subject


An affirmated subject develops its own projection and does neither obey to the postulat that context provides value nor to myth of legitimation through repetition.




Great Attack


Action at Potsdamer Platz and Exhibition at Büro Friedrich on Game, War and Reality, September 2003, Berlin
Filmstills from the movie "Potsdamer Reloaded"

Potsdamer Platz in Berlin is a realtime-application of the social Realconsensus.

Its architecture is the outcome of targetgroup analysis. It is the realized objective projection of typified consumer wishes: a walkable, polygonal, virtual surrounding.


Armed with all attributes of subjective warfare HoRRorkatze dares to step on the deceptive field of optimized objectivization of individuality.


Into this scenery HoRRorKatze installs its own game together with the other FakeFire/FriendlyFire participants.

The players are uploading their own modification, a wrong projection in the wrong space.